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An intimate documentary holding up a mirror to our relationship with climate change. With exclusive access to the first ever Climate Assembly UK, this film bears witness to the debates and the solutions surrounding the greatest challenge of our time. 

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The Assembly is a microcosm of Britain in a room: 110 people chosen at random to represent the precise demographic make-up of the nation. These are ordinary Brits, with families, jobs, worries, dreams – and opinions. Here, a new kind of democracy is at play, where reasonable discussion among citizens is used to inform political decisions on an issue that deeply affects all of our lives. Can it help us move beyond tribal divisions and set Britain on a new transformative course? 

With the eyes of the world on the UK as it emerges from coronavirus and prepares for the most important UN climate conference ever, this film will reveal how these people – who David Attenborough says we “should listen closely to” – see the UK’s transition to net zero emissions as one that must be fair to everyone in society and allow individuals (and the communities they belong to) the freedom to choose their future.

Produced & Directed by Harriet Bird

 Supported by The Climate Story Lab